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Fresh ideas. Lasting results. If you have the vision, I can help it become reality:
with strategic technological solutions, creative thinking and industry expertise,
based on many years of practice.

Wherever you want to go, take me with you and you’ll reach your destination faster.
With my full attention to your concerns. With extensive expertise.

And with a keen eye for the unpredictable.
With D. Kögel IT Service.

My service

Things work differently with me.
Vision, innovation and strategic thinking – you’ve heard them many times, right?

Nothing but buzz words?

Not with me. I promise. Try me.


From our first conversation together, we spend plenty of time talking in detail about your goals. That’s the only way I can truly understand where you want to go – and together we work out a plan as to how I can get you there and support you on your way.


Technical know-how

My work rests on years of experience in the industry, coupled with endless enthusiasm for new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. This is how I will help you meet any possible challenge and plan for the future.

Personal service

Making plans is easy – but carrying them out is a fine art. Fortunately, I am an artist, and as such I am always at your beck and call to help you fulfil your plans.

Our portfolio


We help you to develop your own brand and create a corporate identity for your company.

Web design

We create websites and webshops in various designs or overhaul your existing online presence.

Search engine optimisation

We make sure that you’re easier to find on Google and the like.

Strategy planning

We create strategies to deal with current topics. New guidelines such as the GDPR are part of our everyday business.

Optimising infrastructures

We analyse your infrastructure to check for vulnerabilities and potential sources of errors so we can prevent any downtime and streamline operations.

IT consultancy

We advise your company and optimise its processes – starting with the shell construction and structural measures right through to the optimisation and expansion of existing environments.

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